Your Night-Time Newborn Routine!

Being responsible for a newborn at night is exhausting. There's no two ways about it. You'll be up almost every night, sometimes multiple times a night. Look out, because this can cause a serious condition called "sleep deprivation". The more sleep you get, the happier and healthier you will be.

Take naps

This tip could also be called “do as baby does”. Why are you wide awake while your baby is fast asleep? Put down that mop (we’ll get to that later), put on an eye-mask and get some sleep. Sleep when baby sleeps. Even 20 minutes will go a long way to reenergizing you for your day.

Get help with the housework

OK, so this one is going to cost you – though perhaps less than you think. We recommend you to sit down and do a real cost-benefit analysis for this one. Hiring a cleaning service to come sort out your house every week or two is simple, safe (but do make sure they’re registered and insured), and often a reasonable price. Having all that elbow grease done for you will save you time and stress like you wouldn’t believe.

Sleeping arrangements

Find what sleeping arrangement helps you to not only hear the baby if it wails, but also get the optimal amount of sleep for yourself. If you have the crib in the master bedroom and you’re hanging on every noise the baby makes from its crib, consider putting the crib in an adjoining nursery.

Delegate feeding

One of the things that parents love about Rip n Go Baby is that it helps cut down night-time feeding time. You change the diaper and get baby back to sleep, only to find that the diaper had leaked and you need to change the crib sheet as well. Finding a soiled sheet awaiting you from a leaked diaper can add another 30-40 minutes to the time, you’re awake.

Even with Rip N Go, however, feeding is an exhausting responsibility. As mothers we sometimes can get too caught up in wanting to be a superhero and provide everything for everybody. There are many situations, though, where strength comes from knowing your limit and delegating tasks. Night-time feeding is one of those things. The husband is the obvious source of sleep-relief, but a grandparent, or even a visiting close friend might be able to afford you the odd much-needed break. Even if it is once a month, when you’re at your wit’s end a solid sleep can do you a world of good.

“Switch off” at bedtime

It’s tempting to think that when the baby goes to sleep that’s the time to get stuff done. Really, the most important thing to be done is to sleep! Make a point of switching off of any stressful or engaging activities after you’ve put baby to bed. Now’s not the time for cleaning, checking email, watching an exciting episode of Game of Thrones, or making a to-do list for the next month. Instead, switch-off, and that way you’ll be better able to transition to sleeping yourself.

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