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Babyzzz Review

"As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, I work with many families who struggle with their children’s sleep. The most common issue I help families with is teaching their children how to sleep through the night. Middle of the night diaper and bed changes often get in the way of their progress, so we try to limit these interruptions as much as possible.

When I came across the Rip n Go, I knew this was a product that could help minimize those middle of the night sleep disturbances. I had to try it, not only to see if it could help my clients, but also to help me!

My 3 year old twins recently transitioned to beds, and although they are potty trained, they still wear diapers at night and naptime. I use the largest size diapers but they still occasionally leak through the diapers and wet the bed. I ordered 2 Rip n Go Juniors to use on their new beds that first night, to not only protect the mattress, but also to reduce the amount of laundry and clean up. The last thing I want to be doing in the middle of the night is changing sheets.

The sheets are soft and went on the single beds easily. The quilted pad that attaches to the fitted sheet is very sturdy and soft as well. That first night there were no middle of the night accidents, but the pad was wet the next morning on one of the beds. It was time to try out the Rip n Go feature! The quilted pad easily came off the sheet and I was able to attach a clean quilted pad to the sheet in less than 10 seconds. The pad was easy to wash too. The next night the other twin visited me in the middle of the night to tell me he was wet, so I quickly and easily removed the pad and reattached another one. I wasn’t sure if attaching the clean padded sheet would be a challenge in the middle of the night in my sleepy state, but there were no problems at all. Neither my son or myself had much interruption to our sleep.

After trying the Rip n Go myself, I can see so many benefits to using this product with babies. If a baby spits up or has a diaper leak, its easy for parents to remove the soiled padded sheet and replace a new one, all within 10 seconds. There is no unsafe loose bedding, and changing the sheet is so quick and easy. The fewer interruptions there are in the middle of the night, the sooner they can learn to sleep through the night. And this goes for toddlers and older kids too! I’ll be recommending the Rip N Go to all of my clients."

- Jenn Kelner