Health Benefits of Rip n Go for Adults


These are linen systems with special features that help to:

Making high regiment of care easier to do,

Reduces the risk of falls,

Supports and helps to maintain skin integrity,

Expose less skin to urine,

Aids in wound prevention


Special features that allow these claims to come to life

Corner Shoulder Lock System on bottom fitted sheet
Easy Grab Corners on Bottom Rip n Go Sheet
Detachable Over-Pads that hold their wing-span
Poly-Cotton weave that draws moisture to the left and right of the body
Quilted design that does not cause puddling


Attributes of these features and how to relate it to the health benefits?

Corner Shoulder Lock System – stops the corner of the fitted sheet from popping off and removes the need to re-tuck again. When a mobile bed moves up and the body weight pulls down, the elastics at the back will stretch snugging the shoulders of the fitted sheet tighter.  This turns the fitted sheet into a mattress cover that is breathable and reduces how often it needs to be changed.

Easy Grab Corners on Bottom Rip n Go Sheet – allows for one-sided bed changes with no overreaching or heavy lifting. This makes bed changes easy to do thus allowing it to be done more often. Making a high regiment of care easier to do and reducing the risks of falls if being changed by the user.

Polyester runs from top to bottom of the bed (providing strength and shape). Cotton runs from left to right of the bed drawing moisture to the left and right of the body. Then the Easy Grab Corners allows more air flow between the skin and the mattress.  This provides the perfect environment to help support and maintain skin integrity.

High regiment of care and maintaining skin integrity is the recipe to wound prevention.

Detachable Over-Pads stops the pad from cupping or gathering under the body. The tested quilted design eliminates puddling of the urine. The rim of the pad is rapped with umbrella fabric that helps to prevent overspill.  This is why we use the term incontinence care as we expose less skin to urine.

A thoughtfully designed system that is supported and tethered down helps to reduce the risks of falls to the user due to moving pads and loosened linens.

Our Models

Rip n Go Superior Care – for limited mobility and incontinence care
Rip n Go Home Care – for limited mobility
Rip n Go Essentials – for incontinence care

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