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Fast Track Bed Wetting to Dry Nights the Right Way!


Did you know that Pediatricians used to have approximately 300 kids annually that were bed wetters?  But over the course of the last 10 years, their case loads have tripled, not because there are more kids, but because the kids are getting older and still wetting the bed. Kids that would normally stop wetting the bed at ages 5 - 7 years old are now 9 - 15 years of age.  There is a real reason for this.

We can tell you why this is happening.

Because of prolonged use of night time diapers, your child now has a weakened sphincter muscle!  This is the problem.  Whether your child is healthy or disabled, the only reason why they would continue to wet the bed is because that muscle is too weak to hold the weight of the urine. It will either slowly leak or fully let go. For some kids this happens during the day as well.


We can give you the true facts about bed wetting.



In the past, bed wetting was most commonly thought of as a psychological problem. The doctors would say the child is just lazy and their solution to parents was to tease them or scold them.  We all know that didn't work.

We now know that it is most commonly a developmental problem related to deep sleep or a missing hormone that will kick in between the ages of 5 - 7 allowing the bladder and brain to communicate.


The diaper companies' have done a wonderful job at teaching parents that it's ok to keep their kids in diapers. That is great for the companies profits, but terrible on your wallet and your child's self esteem and health. The only thing that is happening is you are prolonging your child's bed wetting because now they have a weakened sphincter muscle.  We call this incontinence in the adult world.

Either reason, the truth is that bed wetting should stop within that age group.  Deep sleep and the hormone needed is no longer the issue.

You've probably seen a poster like this at your Pediatricians office.


Ok... let's stop the madness.  Whether your child is just coming of age for night time potty training or is past the age of 7. The solution is the same!

Take the diaper off!

Parents, give your kids the tool they can use that will help them get to dry nights fast.



Ok... how does this work and why is the Rip n Go Junior tool so powerful?


 Now that you have made the decision to help your child get to dry nights, here is what will happen. (If under 3 Check out Rip n Go Baby for early night-time potty-training tips.)  If they are already in a single bed then the Junior line is what you will need.


 Here are your steps to success and why this works.

Step 1: Order your Rip n Go Junior system.

Step 2: Sit down and have a talk with your child.  Inform them that is going to help them get to dry nights and show them the video of this 4 year old girl using it.  They will understand that they are not alone and other kids are doing it too. Please note: this is a public video so she does not change her pajamas for her safety.


Step 3: Prepare a basket and extra pajamas (make sure they do not wear underwear as it will still feel like a diaper).  This helps to break any habits that have developed from prolonged use of diapers.

Step 4: Let them practice changing the pads.

Step 5: Praise them when they change the pad themselves. This helps to turn bed wetting into a positive situation and a healthy conversation.

 That was the "HOW" this works, here is the "WHY" 

 Mental Stimulation

Rip n Go Junior has an over pad that holds its wing span and position no matter how much the child moves at night. Also, the system allows the child to have a guide to follow when changing the pad. This stimulates them intellectually and focuses their minds on achieving their goal. When lying down on our Rip n Go pad, it is a constant reminder of what they are working towards, even though it is designed to be very comfortable.

Physical Stimulation

No underwear or diaper will force them to urinate on their leg and that sensation will wake them up!  The leg becomes a part of the alert process - nothing works better!  At first it will seem as if they slept right through and woke up within minutes after they wet. That's because the brain was processing something new. Your child waking up in the middle of the night to change their pads is the first positive step to dry nights.

Healing Stage

Your child will notice that they are waking up during the bladder release.  This is the brain and leg connecting the dots and they can start to try and stop urinating. This process helps to strengthen the sphincter muscle. Next they will notice that they are waking up just before the urine is released and they will now have the ability to try and stop it or just have a small leak and still get to the bathroom.  

Imagine how much money you will save by making the change.




Here is a guide line on how much money you will save when you make the decision to drop the Pull Ups and go with the Rip n Go system that works.

The cost of Pull Ups averages at $29.99 for a case of 24

How much you will spend in one year $359.00 

How much you will spend in two years $718.00 

How much you will spend in three years $1,077.00


The cost of Rip n Go Junior system:

Single bed $125.95

Double bed $145.00

Every Rip n Go Junior set comes with a fitted sheet with corner shoulder lock system, 2 detachable over pads, a top sheet and a pillow case.


  • The system will last up to 5 years
  • Each pad can withstand up to 400 washes each
  • Throw it in the dryer too
  • This is more time than you will ever need
  • You can even keep it for a second child
  • That's the power of Rip n Go!


 Parents are making the change... You can too!

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