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Our Story

The idea for Rip n Go came in 2012. We were having our second child, 10 years after our first. Our little bundle brought us so much joy, and instantly made our family closer than ever. Taking care of our little one at night, however, was taking its toll. If you've ever had a child, you'll know how challenging this can be. You're up every night, and in some cases multiple times a night. It depends on the child, but with our second this would prove to be the state of affairs for a solid year. Sleep deprivation was taking its toll just a few months in.

As you'll know if you've had a child, getting up to put the baby back to sleep is hard enough, but when the diaper leeks, a common occurrence as baby grows, it's worse. Changing a crib sheet isn't easy, and becomes all the more difficult when you're half asleep. I knew there must be a solution to this. I scoured the internet and shops for an easy-to-change and reusable waterproof crib pad, but without any luck. The only reusable products available used awkward ties and zips which were just as much of a pain and hassle as changing the fitted sheet!

It was one of those light-bulb moments: I suddenly knew exactly what the product would look like that would make changing the crib sheet a snap. I had been running a draperies business for 10 years, so if there's one thing I knew it was textiles. I used that knowledge to come up with Rip n Go Baby. I sent it off to friends and family. The response was immediate: they loved it! Soon, requests for more started to come in.

Equally surprising, I started to get requests for a similar product to solve different problems. Specifically, a product for children who suffer from bedwetting (due to deep sleep issues), and adults who suffer from incontinence. The fact that something I created could help such a wide range of people was a revelation, and I quickly went back to the drawing board and came up with Rip n Go Junior, Superior Care, and Complete Care.

It's with great pride that I can say that our products are the highest quality available, and help solve problems that nothing else does.

I've loved hearing all the stories from people about their positive experiences with Rip n Go's, and I look forward to helping more people.

Louise Miner