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Our Team


Rip n Go's management team is comprised of a savvy entrepreneur and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture, and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.


Louise Miner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer












Louise Miner is an entrepreneur, textile designer, and CEO of Rip n Go Inc.. After designing the innovative Rip n Go sheet set, she used her entrepreneurial energy to bring the product to the public. 

She started her first company, Ottawa Draperies, in 2004. A change of tack from her career managing dental offices, she cultivated a new entrepreneurial skill-set as the business grew from strength to strength. Most importantly, she realized the value in accurately solving people's problems.

In 2012, in solving a problem she encountered as a busy parent, she developed the Rip n Go product as we know it. Since then she's charted the course for Rip n Go, helping every customer simplify their lives.

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Adrian Campbell

Co-Founder & Supply Chain Manager





Adrian Campbell is a sales professional with extensive experience in b2b sales and logistics management. As the Co-Founder of Rip n Go, Adrian has developed and managed distribution networks and international retail sales leads. 

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Rémy Martel-Prévost

Media & Public Relations Strategist


Rémy Martel-Prévost is a well-rounded economic and marketing strategist with several years of experience in corporate management, development and promotion. 

Using available social media platforms and assisting in the development of new digital applications, he's been successful in captivating and securing robust consumer populations for corporations of any size. Rémy also adept in traditional forms of marketing, and strategically incorporate them into his marketing plans as well.

In terms of management, Rémy has worked closely with employees, providing training, mentoring and supervision to ensure quality staff performance. He has also offered tips in retail strategy, resulting in an increase of sales and an improvement in customer service.

Apart from those duties, his fluency in French makes him an asset to any company, as he has had experience in French customer relations management, promotional and website translation, as well as advertisement voice-over design.

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Randy Fox

Media & Public Relations Strategist


Randy Fox is an aspiring digital marketing and public relations professional working out of Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the past, he has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Goodlife Fitness and Best Buy as well as Seneca College, Carleton University, and the Government of Canada.

In his spare time you can find Randy writing, blogging, tweeting and occasionally enjoying the outdoors. Randy graduated with high honours from Carleton University in 2015 where he studied Business Marketing and Law.

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