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Press Releases on Rip n Go Inc.

Sleep-deprived mother invents sheet systems to fight bed-wetting

Louise Miner gave birth to her first daughter in 2002. Her second daughter arrived 10 years later. By then a lot more than the decade had changed.
“My second baby was way messier than my first. She’s really cute, but she’s stinky and she’s dirty and she makes huge messes in the crib,” Ms. Miner says..."

"Inventor from Rainy River First Nation seeks national distribution for Rip n' Go sheets

A member of the Rainy River First Nations hopes his company's patented special bed sheets will soon be available in stores across Canada..."
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 Press Release

"Baby's Big Idea

Many pivots are borne out of necessity, others out of boredom and sleep deprivation. Such is the case with Ottawa entrepreneur Louise Miner...." Read the article here

"Innovation Shines in Adult Incontinence: Rip n Go: For Nighttime Problems

Rip n Go is a 100% waterproof, detachable and reusable padded sheet created by Louise Miner. A mother of two, Miner first thought of the idea for a detachable and reusable pad when she had her second child, 13 years after her first, and the product later evolved into something for adult incontinence sufferers..." 
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Metro News Ottawa
"Ottawa mom invents Rip n Go to combat bed wetting and lost sleep

An Ottawa mom may have the answer to every new parent’s prayers. Louise Miner invented the Rip n Go, a detachable, waterproof, machine-washable absorbent pad that prevents kids from soaking the bed overnight if they wet..." 
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CJOB Winnipeg

CFRA Ottawa
"Local company making waves among parents, seniors and nurses

A local company has created a product that is quickly becoming popular among parents, seniors and even nurses. Rip n Go makes special bedding that is 100 per cent water-proof and reusable for children and even adults who wet the bed. There are Velcro pads on the bottom sheet that can be pulled out and replaced quickly and easily..." 
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