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Testimonials for Rip n Go linen systems


Posted by Emilia Radovini, Occupational Therapist

One of my clients bought a set of your incontinence sheet sets for her single hospital bed. She finds them very comfortable to sleep on. They do not move and they are so easy to change...she is thrilled!! I will am now calling your Rip n Go sheets, "magic sheets". 

Posted by Eric 

"Our youngest is now 5 years old. Why didn't you invent this sooner? What a great idea - no more jammed fingers, ripped plastic, 3 am cleaning ordeals, etc. - brilliant!"

Posted by Melanie 

"We just received our new Rip n Go crib sheets, your product looks amazing! Great quality! We also love that your product is made in Canada! I almost want to wake up our little one right now so I can put these sheets on! Thank you so much Rip n Go!!!" 

Posted by Christina 

"This product is genius! I wish it was around when we used our crib. Awesome you make them for bunk beds too! I love the idea of it being machine washable. I will totally be scouting one out for my daughter’s double bed soon! " 

Posted by Maria 

"Honestly I want to say this is the best thing I have laid my eyes on in forever! My daughter is 18 months and we have lowered the crib to the lowest setting it can go, with me only being 5'5, I wouldn't have to struggle to change the sheets. Way to go guys it's genius!" 

Posted by Stephanie 

"Well, I finally got a full night's sleep Saturday night because my son didn't have to wake me up when he peed the bed, he changed it himself! He wasn't nearly as embarrassed, plus he didn't try to hide it."