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Turning Crib Sheets Into "A Tool" Can Save You Sleep and Money

There is nothing more precious than the love between parent and baby.  Every parent soon learns how difficult the first year is and it's not because babies are so difficult to handle.

It's because of the night time routines!

After time, Sleep Deprivation takes its toll and parents become desperate and are willing to do anything to keep those wake-up times short and sweet.  Getting you and your baby back to sleep is key.


The last thing you want to do is change out a crib sheet in the middle of the night. Nevertheless, the dreaded time will come ... over and over again. 
You got to reach down (possible one foot-dangle if your short) and lift the mattress up high at each corner to remove the fitted sheet then drop it and pick it up again to put a new one on. 

Blahhh... there has got to be something simpler. 


  Check out the Video of our Rip n Go Baby System for Cribs!

Now Crib changes can be done in less then 20 seconds because you don't need to lift the mattress.  We took the fitted sheet and turned it into a two-part system. Then to bump it up we took the top detachable part and made it absorbent and waterproof.  It's an all in one crib sheet and waterproof pads!




Ok so that's how it saves you and your baby sleep and time. 

But how does it save you money?

By using it as a night-time potty-training tool.

Here's how you do it. 

Once you have gone through the process of day time potty-training which normally parents start around 2 1/2 years old and your child understands your "Happy Face" and your "Oh No Face".  As soon as they have completed their first month and there really isn't any more "Oh No Faces".  Then they are ready for the night training.  If your crib turns into a toddler bed now is the time.

Pick a weekend and do it as soon as possible. Take the diaper off.  Do not put any underwear on them only pyjamas.  As the underwear will give them the same feeling as a diaper.  

Now you are ready to asses them for deep sleep.  What you want to hear is them waking up crying because they wet the bed. Their leg becomes the catalyst for night training because the brain picks up on the sensation of the urine going on their leg.  Then the brain picks up on the sensation of their clothes being wet.  

If your child wakes up crying because they are wet...... they do not have deep sleep!  Now it will only take a few "Oh No Faces" to get them to dry night.  No more diapers!


If they do not wake up and sleep through the night then one of two things are happening. First the easy one... they just need more time. Maybe another 3 months or so. Or it will be official and your little one has deep sleep and the neural link between the brain and the bladder is not established yet. If this is the case it will establish it self between the ages of 5 to 7. As the hormone needed will kick in and they will go to dry nights really quick because all of the muscles of the bladder did not weaken from prolonged dipper use.

Putting them in Pull Ups for to long causes other problems like Weakened Sphincter Muscles.  Unfortunately, this is happening to so many kids.  Parents truly need to make sure they are educated about this problem as it's almost out of control.


Yikes... no parent wants that to happen let alone pay for cost of Pull Ups for how many months or years.  Let's take a look at the real cost of that and how much parents are paying. 

The cost of Pull Ups averages at $29.99 for a bag of 24 

How much you will spend in one year $359.00 

How much you will spend in two years $718.00 

How much you will spend in three years $1,077.00


Rip n Go Baby is your solution! To both scenarios and putting parents in the position of being ahead of the game. Controlling the amount of time, you and your baby are awake that first difficult year and addressing the night-time potty-training right there in the crib/toddler bed before the age of 3. 
Parents are making the change, you can to.


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