What Doctors say about diapers and bedwetting

Hear some expert opinions about diapers and bedwetting.

"although [night-time diapers] are convenient, at times they may hinder and prolong bed wetting. If your child is potty trained but wears a ....* diaper at night, never having tried a night without them, there may be less incentive to potty train. Achieving nighttime dryness demands connecting their brain with their bladder. If there is a diaper on, there may be less motivation to form this connection."

- Wendy Sue Swanson, MD

"If you are putting your child in a nappy...at night to save on laundry it is unlikely that he or she will become dry while this continues. It is better to do away with the nappy...altogether."

- General Paediatric Enuresis Clinic
The Royal Children's Hospital, Melourne

"The average decadal rise in the habit of bed-wetting has been 15-20%. As on date, however, in about 35% kids it may be attributed to use of diapers. Most of these kids hail from middle and above socio-economic segment and were using diapers."

- Dr MS Ansari

*Proprietary names have been omitted, or replaced by [night-time diapers]
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